The AICPA Virtual Career Fair will connect your company with top talent from our vast community of professionals, representing all sectors around the country. The online format provides an easy, effective way to discover top talent from our community. If you value what this diverse community brings to the workforce, this is an event you'll want to attend! This is a unique opportunity to recruit members of our organization all from the comfort of your home or office.

Benefits for Employers:

How it Works

Visit the Virtual Event Hall to see participating exhibitors and sponsors. Access an online booth of interest by clicking on it. Scroll left and right to navigate the Virtual Event Hall.

Visit a booth to view information shared by exhibitors or sponsors. There are various navigational buttons that direct you to different web pages. To initiate a live chat conversation, click on the Chat Tab.

For any assistance during the event, visit the Networking Lounge and enter the chat room for real-time assistance on any technical or navigational issues.

Find Talent without Leaving the Office

Searching for top accounting and finance talent? Participate in the CPA Career Center's 2019 Virtual Career Fair Thursday, January 17th. Connect with talented accounting and finance professionals from across the country who are looking for opportunities within your firm. The online format provides an easy, effective way to reach qualified candidates and conduct interviews from the convenience of your desk.

Who Should Attend

How It Works

  1. Register - Provide information about your firm to job seekers
  2. Attend - Login and join the live session from anywhere
  3. Connect - During the event, engage with attendees through your own discussion feed and one-on-one chats
  4. Follow-up - Use the follow-up tools to directly reach out to top-rated job seekers

Pricing and Options



  • Customized booths (4 of the 10 booth templates)
  • Up to 2 Recruiter Seats
  • Third Tier Booth Placement



  • Customized booth (6 of the 10 booth templates)
  • Up to 4 Recruiter Seats
  • Resume Search Functionality
  • Second Tier Booth Placement



  • Customized booth (10 of the 10 booth templates)
  • Up to 8 Recruiter Seats
  • Resume Search Functionality
  • Top Tier Booth placement
  • Featured Employer on Main Landing Page